What will become of Polar Bears?

This is 500 miles from the north pole in July. The bay should be frozen allowing the bear to hunt ringed seals. It is not. Global warming affects whether these animals will be visible anywhere in the next 30 years. Curiously, we were positioned for this shoot with a guide in a zodiac. The bear immediately (after the motor drive took about 4 shots) started for us, only out of curiosity. Curiosity is an evolutionary trait that succeeds because bears find stuff to eat when they are curious. Picture: sputtering non-starting 2-stroke (been giving problems the whole way), guide muttering various colorful words of encouragement - all a part of the experience of traveling in remote places. The engine did start, we got marvelous head shots as the bear swam toward us. No one panicked. Rubber ducky not popped. Lived to tell the story over drinks.. We saw several drowned bears who were exhausted from not being able to haul out onto ice.